Calories in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With so much said about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil we wanted to bring you more information about the calories and benefits of one of the most used edible fatty oils, extra virgin olive oil.

So just how many calories are in one tablespoon (14g) of olive oil, well that would be 120 calories, but to see the big picture its important to understand what the olive is made up of.

In one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil there are;

So, does olive oil make you fat?

Eating too much of any fat source can lead to weight gain, however as can be seen in the Mediterranean diet the use of extra virgin olive oils contributed to healthy weight control, this is when it is part of a balanced diet.

Many incredible dishes can be created wither with olive oil as a dreassing, or as a component in the cooking process adding richness and flavor to sauces or spiciness and peppery hints to a salad dressing. With so many of the worlds chefs cooking with olive oil, we are always happy to find incredible nice olive oil recipes to try out!

Is it OK to eat olive oil everyday?

We know that achieving a balanced diet, and consuming in moderation is beneficial to our health. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which when consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet gives us many health benefits. Our recommended daily intake for healthy fats can also be reached when regularly enjoying in moderation extra virgin olive oil.

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