How are Olives processed into Olive Oil?

Olive oil as you know comes from olives fruits which are harvested once a year. This normally occurs around the months of October or November but is very dependent on the seasonal temperatures and the environmental conditions of the respective geographical area, it is most important to harvest when the olives are ready and normally just prior to any large winter storms and rains falling.

When are Olives picked?

So just when are olives ready for harvesting? we tend to harvest our olives when there are still more green olives on the tree than purple olives. This means that most of the olive fruits are just coming towards being fully ripe, if the olives are left on the tree to all go black (the color they go after purple when left on the olive tree) then the color and the taste of the oil will differ.

Want to learn ‘Just how is Olive Oil created?’

Olive oil is pressed or crushed from the olives, the methods to carry out this task vary, but to produce the very best extra virgin olive oil several things need to be combined in the process.