Olive Oil Tasting kit, become an Olive Oil Sommelier

Are you looking for a great way to learn more about the different types and tastes of extra virgin olive oil? With so many olive oil varieties tasting oil has become a full time job for some lucky individuals.

The Olive Oil Sommelier brings all their skills of taste and flavour to ensure that the best oils are reviewed and given their famous characteristics, sampling the Extra Virgin Olive oil is certainly a trained science and now you can experience this at home with our Olive Oil tasting kit.

The Olive Oil Taster

The flavour and taste profile of olive oil varies from tree to tree, valley to valley and country to country. It is dependent on the trees age, the tree type and the health of the tree.

olive oil tasting kitIn order to ensure that the very best profile is created, most olive tree farms grown a mixture of olive tree tree’s that when combined created the tasty blend that we love.

The Sommeliers who are lucky enough to be tasting the best olive oils in the word are now all trained and are members of Sommelier guilds, all their knowledge and skills are now available for all of us, allowing you to really understand and appreciate the very best characteristics of the best Italian Extra virgin olive oils.

Get your own Olive Oil Tasting kit

Taste, it normally different for all of us, and the same goes for food, wine and olive oil. For this reason we have introduced our Extra Virgin Olive oil tasting kit.

The tasting kit brings together 6 of the best extra virgin olive oil varieties, along with a tasting glass and detailed descriptions of the oil, the processes used and the variety of olives in each bottle.

From this, you can, either yourself or with friends really start to learn and appreciate the art of the olive oil tasters role, ready for more challenges? perhaps you want to learn more about becoming an Olive Oil Sommelier

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