Stainless Steel Olive Oil tools and kitchen tools

Looking for the very best in olive oil handling and spraying, or pouring tools for your kitchen, we have looked at the most popular and now can deliver these great olive oil pourers, misters and olive tools direct to you.

Olive Oil Pourers

These great stainless steel pouring spouts are designed to be easy to control flow, as well as easy clean and long lasting. Delivered in sets of two these will make the pouring of your favorite olive oil really easy. Being high quality stainless steel they are easy to clean and will last many years of use. See our range of Olive Oil pourers and spouts here

Olive Oil Sprayer Mista (also know as olive oil mista or olive oil mister)

If you are looking for an olive oil sprayer or mister for use when cooking or dressing your food this great mista (also known as a sprayer, mister or mister) ensures you don’t waste a drop of your olive oil. Delivering a great spray, the control of the olive oil is easy. The mister is easy to clean also, and being made from stainless steel with a glass container and will definitely last the test of time.

Stainless steel Olive oil dispenser

Made from stainless, with a well designed pouring spout delivers an easy way to pour your olive oil, for guests or your own kitchen these great dispensers will not disappoint. There are several types of olive oil dispensers available, we have provide a classic elegant stainless steel dispenser, that come in three different sizes