Become an Olive Oil Sommelier

With our Olive Oil tasting kit, join us and experience the incredible aroma, taste and flavour of the very best extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany’s Maremma.

Why choose our Olive Oil tasting kit

We know that there are many olive oil tasting kits available, so what makes ours unique, well, as with all those that love extra virgin olive oil, we will always think that ours is the best, and it could be true!

Olive Oil Sommelier kit, the perfect gift

Our olive oil sommelier kit comes with all you need to have a fun evening with friends learning about olive oil tasting, or just increase your knowledge personally regarding the types of olive oil available and the different flavour and taste profiles they have.


Olive Oil Tasting Kit

Our incredible extra virgin olive oil tasting kit from Tuscany is now available, giving you the chance to enjoy incredible extra virgin olive oil and experience learning to add new experiences to your journey of olive oil tasting.

Our set of six bottles of monocultivar extra virgin olive oils let you experience the very best Tuscan olive oils naturally, before they are normally blended into blended extra virgin olive oil. What this gives you is access to the intense flavours profiles that make up each individual olive oil, characterized by the aroma, the flavour and the taste.

Olive Oil Tasting glass included

olive oil tasting glassIncluded in our olive oil tasting kit is the industry standard olive oil tasting glass, so why is the glass special, the size, the shape and the color all all there for a reason, the size allows a small amount of oil to be poured but still experienced, the shape allows you to gain access to the aroma and the color.

When tasting olive oil the color should not be seen, it is seen as not required to seethe olive oil in order to really taste and appreciate the extra virgin olive oil you are tasting, and this is the reason that olive tasting glasses are either blue or red. Olive oils come in many colours, and the differences can easily sway your perception of an oil.

The perfect gift

Our olive oil tasting kit is also the perfect gift, with so much great flavour and the ability to learn more about extra virgin olive oil your friends or family would love to receive this olive oil sommelier kit as a present at any time of the year. We offer gift wrapping as well to ensure your present arrived totally personalised from you.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 18 cm

Extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany


Single olive cultivar oils, experience the intense flavours of these olive oils

Made In Italy

100% grown, pressed and bottled in Italy, Maremma Tuscany

Olive Oil Sommelier

If you want to learn about olive oil, then this olive oil sommelier tasting kit is for you

Perfect Gift

Great as a gift for that special occasion, who does not enjoy extra virgin olive oil!

Tasting glass included

When tasting oils its important to use the right tasting glass, ours is in olive oil tasting industry standard blue glass

Notepad included

Take notes as you taste, compare with your friends as you learn all about extra virgin olive oil

Information Notes

Read all about the oil you are tasting, it helps you understand where the oil comes from, how it is grown, what makes it different to other monocultivar extra virgin olive oils